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Everyone feels overwhelmed and stressed sometimes:


Maybe you have a family situation that needs extra time and attention;


Maybe you have a particular co-worker that just somehow grates on your very last nerve;


Maybe you are ill or some you love is ill;


So what can you do when you feel angry, overwhelmed and stressed about the things you really have little control over? I believe that if you add preventative stress management into your daily lifestyle you can more easily control how you handle your reaction to the stressful situations that crop up.


Follow these simple steps to invite peace and harmony into your life:


1. Exercise.


One way to work off stress and anxiety is to get moving. You can join a gym, work out in your bedroom or garage, or just take a walk. It’s a great way to get your endorphins going and feel happier. You can also try exercising together with your family. One of the benefits of exercising together is that you’ll all feel calmer afterward. When you’re all de-stressed together, you can help one another through issues.


2. Smile.


Smiling and laughing is one of the best ways to instantly lighten your mood. A good joke with a friend, a good movie with your partner or just smiling at the sun shine.


3. Listen to music.


Music is one of the best ways to relax and de-stress, and it’s popular with people of all ages, income levels, and other factors. Pick the music you like; it’s usually more effective, though, when you choose something quiet. Listen to music that makes you feel rested and calm. Try several different musical styles – you’ll know when you’re listening to something that works for you. And once you’ve located it, you can listen whenever you need to for a calming break.

音乐是放松和减压的最佳良方,并且深受各年龄段和收入水平的各种人们的喜爱。 挑选你喜欢的音乐,但是安静的音乐通常效果更好。听一听让你感到放松和平静的音乐。尝试几种不同的曲风,你就会知道听什么对你有效果。一旦你找到了适合自己的音乐,你就可以随时在需要安静休息的时候拿来听听了。

4. Read.


Reading is also a good way to de-stress. Choose a lighthearted book that’s comical, romantic, or otherwise makes you feel good. You can also read a religious or spiritual book if you’re so inclined. Any book that gives a good, positive message about the world or the people in it can help you feel better and be more relaxed.


5. Visualization.


Picture an idyllic and peaceful scene, such as a meadow or a beach, and use all of your senses. Do you smell jasmine in the air? Can you hear the birds singing and feel the light breeze on your skin? Your body can’t tell the difference between a thought and a real event, so bring your peaceful scene to mind the next time you’re feeling anxious. You can visualize the stress flowing out of your body or running off your back like water. You can visualize growing roots, just like an old oak tree, you can feel the stress draining into the earth and being absorbed my mother nature.


6. Be grateful.


When you’re feeling stressed, try counting your blessings. Write them down in a gratitude journal. There is always something you can be thankful for… sometimes it is as simple as waking up. Think about all the things that are good in your life. When you focus on gratitude, you’ll also see more of the good in your life. When you think negatively, it’s easier to feel angry and stressed. Positive thinking, on the other hand, helps diffuse your anger and brings you more good things to feel good about!


7. Breathe.


When you are caught up in those really strong emotions that come with stress and overwhelm, take a moment to take a few slow, deep breaths. This action has multiple benefits. When you breathe deeply, it sends extra oxygen to your brain for clarity of thought and relaxes your muscles. It also gives you a moment to take a mental step back and look at the bigger picture.



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